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DWTH Day 19: Karma Got A Squirter Blister

DWTH Day 19: Karma Got A Squirter Blister


👣 Miles: 21.69

📈 Elevation Gain: 1,362 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 1,312 ft

Overall Weather: Cloudy

Up Before the Sunrise

Both of us woke up just after 5 am and were just up. There was no going back to sleep. 

We also subconsciously knew that the more miles we did today, the easier it would be to get into town tomorrow. AND on top of that, a storm was coming in on town day with some rain and wind. 

Since we still wanted to start in some daylight, we talked for a bit and I read two more chapters of “House of Flame and Shadow.” No spoilers, please!

Eventually, we timed our tent breakdown for just the time when you can see barely without a headlamp. Perfect. 🤩 

Stellar Sunrise & Cairned Trail

While we needed to make some miles, that did not mean missing the beautiful sunrise. 

We took more time here to enjoy the sunrise and take a few photos. 🌄 

As it so happened, we got some trail marked with cairns (stacked rocks).  The BLM sign that had clearly been blasted by the intense summer heat warned of no trail markers and hard-to-follow trail. 

We were stoked to have a few cairns around for a little bit…we could ease up on navigation. 

The trail went in and out of washes and eventually just followed the wash multiple times. 

Karma Shows Me His Blister

We’ve had quite a lot of washes lately.  

The thing about washes is that they’re often sandy and have soft footing. When you continually have this soft footing, you tend to grab with your toes more. You need to consciously tell yourself not to grab with your toes. 

Well, Karma forgot and started making noises. We took a break and pulled off our socks. 

On one of his smaller toes, he had a big old water-filled blister. 

We got the needle and lighter out and he popped that sucker. 🪡 

The first time, the blister water oozed down his hand. 

The second time at a later break, the needle hole in the skin had barely healed. He poked it gently with his finger and it squirted out at least a foot!

Areas We Haven’t Ventured Before

This section of the hike has taken us to areas where we haven’t ventured before in the van or on foot. 

It was awesome seeing new terrain in a relatively familiar area. Both of us searched the hills for bighorn sheep or great horned owls but saw neither. 

We did see a Loggerhead Shrike though…the first for this route. They adapted interestingly to the desert environment. Loggerhead Shrikes like to catch prey and throw it into something spiky like a cactus to impale it to death before eating it. 🌵 Neat, right?!

Water Sources

Today, we actually had 3 water sources. 🤯

It was really pleasant not carrying a ton of water. Granted, they were all within 6 miles of each other, but I’m not complaining!


We eventually found a campsite and set up to cook for the night. Tonight, we had coconut curry rice, lentils, carrots, and broccoli for dinner. 🍲  All that work pre-packaging up dehydrated backpacking meals paid off!

We’ll see how this next storm pans out. It looks like not as much rainwater by the numbers, but more wind. 🤷🏼‍♀️