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Van life in a nutshell: two vans enjoying a dark sky night with plenty of stars.

Van Life

Join Us on the Road for Van Life Travels!

Ever wonder about van life meetups?

How do people who live in vans make money?

Scroll down to find answers to your questions and more!

One of the FASTEST ways to make money on the road is the Sugar Beet Harvest! 💰

We worked the whole season (3 weeks) and wrote down everything we knew about it.

Choose your path below…the Ultimate Guide which answers all your Sugar Beet FAQs or the journal-style daily updates. ⬇️

Ultimate Guide to the Sugar Beet Harvest workamping job for nomads
Daily updates from a nomad who worked the Sugar Beet Harvest.

Van Life Guides & Meet-Ups
🚐 🚐 🚐

We’ve lived in our van between thru-hikes and seasonal jobs since 2016.

We only used our last van, a 2000 Ford Econoline between hiking and ski seasons. This van, we live in any time we’re not thru-hiking.

Come along for a ride…we’re going to more meet-ups and discovering all your van life tricks! 🏜️

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All Photos in Shop were taken by me from our thru-hikes or our van.

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