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Nature journal telling the story of finding desert bighorn sheep in the winter

Nature Journal

The BEST way to learn more about your environment is to journal about it!

Your nature journaling possibilities are ENDLESS. You can write, draw, paint, photograph, or press samples into your nature journal.

Below, you can view inside my nature journal and get ideas for your own.

Explore your backyard, local area, or far afield.  Here are techniques that will help and content about birds, insects, plants, and mammals you may encounter as well!

Long-Tailed Weasel standing up amongst a shrub.

From small critters to charismatic megafauna…

Zoomed in yellow aster showing ray florets.

From wildflowers to tree seed pods

Red Tailed Hawk on a sign.

From Raptors to Songbirds

Camera, Journals, Small Notebook, and Polaroid Printer on a wood Table

The HOW TO Section

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All Photos in Shop were taken by me from our thru-hikes or our van.