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DWTH Day 20: Get to Town Before It Rains

DWTH Day 20: Get to Town Before It Rains


👣 Miles: 11.03

📈 Elevation Gain: 377 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 745 ft

Overall Weather: Warm, Overcast, Rain

The Morning Hustle 

I had cell service at our campsite, so we watched the forecast radar on Open Snow for the most accurate weather. 

Basically, no matter where we were, we’d get rained on by 2 pm. 

We had 11 miles to the end of Section 2 (and the spur to town). 

Our goal: get moving as soon as we didn’t need a headlamp and crush some miles. 

A Mix of Power Line Swaths and Cross-Country

Cross-Country Hiking

We switched back and forth between following the utility roads for large power lines with creosote cross-country. 

The power lines distracted us a bit as we found a red-tailed hawk nest in a Saguaro. A pair of red-tails made sure we knew they wanted us to leave. They took turns calling at us from the top of the power lines. 

Personally, I find it fascinating how red-tailed hawks have adapted to human infrastructure by using power lines for higher hunting perches. It never makes a great photo, but it’s always a realistic photo. 📷 

The cross-country mostly went through a ton of creosote with palo verdes sprinkled in occasionally. 

The Last Road

Discarded Desert Car

We popped out of BLM land to signs stating that the area was under video surveillance and no trespassing signs. 

But, in true Arizona fashion, the cameras were shot and not functioning. We chuckled to ourselves. 

We were later greeted by a burned-out car and a dumping area. Also…very common in rural desert areas. 

End of Section 2

The Statue in Buckeye, Arizona

We got to the end of the section and saw the pavement walk into town. We decided to Uber to the post office to beat the rain. Hike smarter…not harder. The spur walk to town and back is great if you can’t hitch or Uber.

Our driver was quite the character. He started out by saying, “When I took this ride, I thought I was getting you from the prison.” 🤔

I may have pulled up Google Maps in the backseat and a prison was indeed a bit further down the road. 

He proceeded to tell us all about “that hobo statue” in town and we sold go see it. 

We got our resupply box from the post office and went to the IGA grocery store to pick up some extra food and stuff to microwave in the hotel room. 

On the way, we did indeed see “that hobo statue.” As we took a photo, a woman came out from behind it saying something incomprehensible. 

We moved on to the Dollar General. I learned long ago, that it’s worth buying bottles of cheap shampoo and conditioner because hotels never have enough for two people with long hair. 

“Busy Season” for Hotels

I called around at the local hotels and all were booked. So, I went on the Alaska app and got one a few miles north by the highway. We waited for the second Uber behind Dollar General. 

I kind of felt like I was in a Greyhound bus station in Buckeye, Arizona. That was the vibe I got. 

We got to the hotel right as it started raining. 🥳 Timing for the win! 🙌

The front desk lady told us that some NASCAR event was starting as well as “concert season.”  

She was on the phone when we got there telling someone they don’t do weekly rates anymore. She had to repeat that 11 times. Apparently, that particular caller is known to them and they’re still fixing the room she trashed the last time. 😬

Hiking Chores

Resupply Food Sorting

We immediately started knocking out hiker hotel chores. Miraculously, this hotel had guest laundry! 🥳🥳🥳 No tub laundry for us this time. 

We showered, did laundry, sorted food, blogged, got water at the gas station (apparently the tap water isn’t great), and watched hotel TV movies. 

Tonight and tomorrow morning, we’ll watch the forecast and decide what to do.