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DWTH Day 36: Into California!! And…Uphill

DWTH Day 36: Into California!! And…Uphill


👣 Miles: 14.39

📈 Elevation Gain: 2,028 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 974 ft

Overall Weather: Hot, Sunny

Lazy Hotel Morning

Quality Inn in Parker, Arizona
Parker, Arizona Motel

Both of us have a hard time leaving a hotel before the checkout time. I feel like the cost of one night in a bed is getting a little outrageous and to make it work, you need to stay the whole time. 

So, we lounged around and tried to stay hydrated. We ate as much as we could.  We have hiker hunger, but it’s not quite the fully-fledged hiker hunger of the larger trails.

Eventually, we packed everything up and headed out. 

Crossing the Colorado River

Crossing the Colorado River into California!
Into California!

We sauntered out slowly and within no time, we were walking on a bridge across the Colorado River. 

The river marked the boundary between Arizona and California. It makes much more sense as a border than some of the straight lines of many other borders drawn on a map far away. 

We were stoked to get to that “next state” of the hike. We were definitely those people walking across a bridge with backpacks though. 🤣

However, WE SWITCHED TIME ZONES.  Arizona time makes so much more sense this time of year down in the desert. 🤨

Uphill Toward the Whipples

Two thru-hiker shadows going uphill toward the Whipple Mountains.
Beginning of the Whipples

We’ve been staring at a rock formation across the Colorado that looks like a pinky finger on a hand. It’s been a joke that California drinks their tea on daylight savings time with their pinky out. 

Then, after some dirt 2-tracks we were right next to the pinky rock! 

It was an uphill kind of day. But, that’s to be expected after the Colorado River at a whopping 370ft above sea level. 

We listened periodically in the afternoon as we made our way up and out. 

I’ve been struggling a bit with Spotify downloads recently. Last section, only my downloaded playlists and podcasts worked, but not my downloaded albums. This section, it tends to only want to shuffle all downloaded songs regardless of playlists when I have shuffle turned off. 🤬

The 2-tracks brought us to the edge of the Whipple Wilderness where we made camp for the night.