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DWTH Days 34-35: Last Town in Arizona, Zero, & Weird Post Office BS

DWTH Days 34-35:  Last Town in Arizona, Zero, & Weird Post Office BS


Day 34:

👣 Miles: 10.51

📈 Elevation Gain: 814 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 1,138 ft

Overall Weather: Sunny, Hot

Day 35:

👣 Miles: 0

📈 Elevation Gain: 0 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 0 ft

Overall Weather: Cloudy, Sprinkles of Rain

Early Wake Up

We knew it would get hot, so we got moving right at sunrise. 

We had a few miles of our normal basic 2-track, wash, and cross-country miles before town. 

The route took us up a small cross-country pass that overlooked Parker, Arizona, and the Colorado River. It was picturesque and a welcome sight. 

Urban Hiking

Thru-hiker stands near the Colorado River with an umbrella for shade.
Colorado River

Not long after we cross-country hiked down into a wash and onto a 2-track, we would begin urban hiking. 

There are pros and cons to urban hiking. The main con is the lack of bathroom opportunities. Or rather, you’re relegated to normal people’s bathroom habits. 

The pros are that you can walk through your entire resupply. 

We particularly liked the section that had some RV campsites right in the river near the casino. 

People of Walmart

Karma’s foot was hurting pretty bad from blown-out sandals, so we found some shade by a bush near Walmart. He sat there with our packs while I went into Walmart for most of our resupply. 

After 13 mostly hot days without a shower, I was s-t-i-n-k-y! I put my rainshell on in an attempt to contain some of the smell. 

I was definitely one of “those people at Walmart.”

I scurried around as fast as possible then went back out to Karma. 

We divided stuff into our packs and walked across the street to Safeway. 

The Other Town Stops

We had to get snacks and protein bars in Safeway since Walmart’s bar selection was terrible. 

That was a quick stop. 

However, we still had time to kill before a 3 pm hotel check-in. 

So, we walked to Burger King and strategically loitered for an hour. The trick to strategically (and legally) loitering is to buy some stuff, sit there, and then about 30-45 minutes in, buy something else. 

After that, we went to the post office. 

Weird Post Office BS

Parker, Arizona post office general delivery restrictions.
Parker, AZ Post Office BS

I’ve been to some rude post offices all over the country. It’s no secret why it’s a failing business. 

However, while not the worst post office I’ve encountered, it was definitely in the bottom 10. 

I went in with my ID, waited patiently, and smiled. When it was my turn, I asked to pick up my General Delivery package. The woman’s whole attitude and physical stance changed. She pointed to a sign and said I could only pick up a General Delivery package between 9-10:30 am. 🙄

A) Never have I ever seen that BS before. Usually, the post offices are THRILLED to get rid of your general delivery box and not keep storing it. 

B) It was definitely a printed-out Microsoft Word document sign. This suggested it was a personal vendetta or power trip by the post office. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I could tell there was absolutely no arguing with the postal clerk woman and I was honestly not in the mood to argue.  Especially, not with the distinct drug deals happening behind the building.

The Hotel

We booked a hotel two days out online. That worked out well and they conveniently had a room ready at 2:30 pm. 

We got in and started doing our town chores: showers, gathering laundry, eating, etc. 

I ended up walking to the laundromat 3 blocks away because the hotel only offered guest laundry with an app. 

We had a great evening on the internet with movie channels. 

The Zero

Our zero day went as expected. We laid around in a bed, took showers, ate a lot, and internet-ed. 

I walked back to the post office where the same woman looked straight at me and then walked into the back. 

Another woman came out, I showed my ID, and she got my package. Sheesh!

New Sandals

Left sandals hiked 475 miles next to brand new teva sandals on the right.
Left: Old, Right: New

The package had our very important delivery of fresh sandals!  We fully blew our first pair out over the first 480 miles of cross country, washes, and lava rock. 

Uneventful Evening

The rest of the day, we relaxed, ate, finished chores, and enjoyed temperature control.  Basically, we lounged in a moderately clean (read: clean enough) hotel room.