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DWTH Day 13: Adventures to Town

DWTH Day 13: Adventures to Town


👣 Miles: 13.78

📈 Elevation Gain: 436 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 646 ft

Overall Weather: Sunny, Hot 🥵

Early Start

So…I may have gotten up to pee at 3:50 am and had to blow my neoair back up from a slow leak. 🤦🏼‍♀️

ALSO, I conveniently had just enough download speed to get the book I preordered months ago! I’ve been waiting very impatiently to read House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J Maas. 

Anyway, I blew my neoair back up, told Karma it was 4 am and settled in for a few hours of reading. 😁

While I read, I started hearing the strangest man made noise that I swore sounded like spaceships do in movies. 🤔

Karma rolled over at 6 am and shook his head at me. 

We got up and started hiking at sunrise, which is surprisingly easy to do in the winter.

“More Adventurous Cross-Country”

After a little OHV track warm-up, we got a little mountainy-hill to climb. It had fantastic views and several game trails to aid in ascending to a saddle. 

We’ve slowly cruised overall downhill toward the Phoenix area since Saguaro NP. It felt good to go up a bit. 

On the way down, we found a coyote perch with relatively fresh scat…had to have happened bright and early in the morning or the day before. 

Then, we got a little off of the intended line looking at tracks and found some small pools of water. Definitely small, rainwater potholes, but you could certainly get some out with a ziplock bag!

A Wildlife Surprise

As we meandered out of the hills, we started watching the birds when a group of 6 javelinas scurried out into view!

Some people think they’re horrible, but I like them. 

We followed them off the track into the wash slowly, but they slunk away quicker than our quieted steps. 

Long, Flat, Hot Walk to Town

Fox Den

The rest meandered on some dirt OHV tracks, to cross-country in open desert, to some paved roads into town. 

We eventually listened to our own devices to pass the time until we found a tall enough creosote bush to eat lunch by. It offered just enough shade for an early lunch. 

The creosote bush also had a neat view of a fox den with lots of scat surrounding it. Alas, no fox sauntered by, but it was worth a try. 

Walk in/Walk out

There’s pros and cons to walking in and out of a town. 

The pros generally are: no hitch needed, You can grab everything you need as you walk through, and you can leave when you want. 

The cons? Pavement. It hurts more than you think it does. Seems easy. Not the case. 

My impression of Arizona City after walking through it was: cops, drive through liquor stores, and too many churches. The three seemed related. 

We got some questionable resupply at the IGA, but it was a sad excuse for a grocery store. 

A Cheap Motel

Since we grabbed the van, we hadn’t showered since day 3 in the last motel. With the storms, we didn’t have enough power for a hot shower in the van. We did sink showers, but it’s not the same. 

So, we got a cheap motel by an interstate packed full of construction workers. It definitely doesn’t look like the photos on Google, but it’s good enough. 

I’ve stayed in a lot of cheap motels over the last 15 years hiking and this is solidly in the bottom 1/5 of them. 😂