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DWTH Day 12: A Two Skull Day!

DWTH Day 12: A Two Skull Day!


👣 Miles: 17.41

📈 Elevation Gain: 837 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 1,040 ft

Overall Weather: Sunny, Hot

Slightly Off Timing for Water

We got a bit off of our timing for hitting water sources. Yesterday, some of the sand slowed us down. 

We ended up hitting a horrific tire of cow water right before camp where we begrudgingly grabbed a liter each. We’ve drunk out of plenty of cow tires. This was definitely one of the not-so-good ones. It smelled and tasted like a pond. The floaties rested on the surface and throughout the water, so they were unavoidable.  But, it was wet and we wanted to cook last night. 

That being said, we didn’t want to drink it in the morning, so we got to our first water source 3/4 of a mile into the day. A much better source. 

We took a half hour break to get water, make our morning shakes, and to make sure we were good to not have water until the evening. 

I’m not complaining about getting better water, just that I prefer to do a few miles before needing to take a break to get it. 

Mix of OHV Roads and Cross-Country

Much of today, we switched back and forth from roads in varying stages of decay to cross-country hiking. 

One stretch of cross-country took awhile because we kept finding cool shit. Literally…cool shit. We found what I think was fox burrow with TONS of scat around it. 

Then, within half a mile, we found a fox skull and a coyote skull! 🤯 The fox skull had been out for longer than the coyote skull based on the condition of the cranium. 

An Umbrella Kind of Afternoon

We knew today would have some exposed heat sections again and were more ready for it. 

Conveniently, the hottest part of the day was when we followed power lines for a few miles. Plenty of space to pop out an umbrella, listen to an audiobook, and just walk. Even the birds chilled out and stayed out of the heat. 

Much of the afternoon went like that, except we left the power lines. 

Some Cool Cliffs

Eventually, we walked into some hills that had quite a bit more to look at. Karma scanned them for cave possibilities while I ended up on my butt trying to take photos of two red tailed hawks circling us. 

At the top of a pass, we saw two giant birds circling a pinnacle. Eventually, I got a good enough photo (not worth sharing, but good for identifying). Two black vultures. 


We’ve been trying to find a campsite right around sunset.  Partly, we wanted to enjoy the sunset while not waking. But mostly, so we can adequately see the ground and move spikey things that can pop our neoairs. 

Yes, I 100% understand closed-cell foam pads are better suited to the desert, but we both sleep like shit on them. We’re at the point where sleep is more important to us than the hassle.