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DWTH Day 30: Wild Burros Make Good Trails 

DWTH Day 30: Wild Burros Make Good Trails 


👣 Miles: 13.52

📈 Elevation Gain: 1,890 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 2,454 ft

Overall Weather: Sunny, Hot

Morning in the Bug Net

Last night, we only set up the bug net without the tarp. We knew it wasn’t going to rain and neither of us liked things crawling on us.

We also couldn’t find a flat enough spot big enough to set up the tarp as well. Our spot was surrounded by brittlebrush plants.  

We awoke to the sounds of wild burros. They periodically woke us up throughout the night, but none were close enough to wake us fully up. 

As we got ready, we heard them hee-hawing to each other. 

Seeing More Wild Burros

Woman thru-hiker taking photos of Wild Burros.
Taking Photos of Wild Burros

Throughout the morning and into the afternoon, we saw many small groups of wild burros. 

It made sense because we were often using washes and the trails made by the burros. They make surprisingly good trails.

Some groups had young ones and we even saw one nursing. 

Others just watched us from afar. 

I snapped quite a few photos of them throughout the day. 

Navigational Mess

An area dug out by burros for a bed.
Burro Bed Area

Much of today had a lot of navigating markers. We never got off track, but we were constantly looking and paying attention. 

It was a lot of “follow wash,” “find burro trail,” “find faint 2 track on left, “cross-country to next waypoint,” etc. A lot of them were only .2-.4 apart.  Most made enough sense, just mentally tiring. 

We think we timed this section a bit wrong and would have been better if we got five miles more or less out on the first day.  Between that and our sandals starting to blow out, we’ve been tired the past few days. 

Alamo Lake

Alamo Lake in Arizona from a high vantage point.
Alamo Lake Views

Eventually, we got to Alamo Lake. It’s a dammed lake, like most lakes in Arizona. 

The store had some basic things, so we got some chips, a soda, some popsicles, Tylenol, and some extra toothpaste. I hate rationing toothpaste. When you haven’t had a shower in 9 days, it’s surprising how good you can feel by brushing your teeth an extra time. 

The store peeps seemed very confused by us, but let us use the outdoor plug to get an an extra phone charge. They confirmed that the dam wasn’t having any massive releases this weekend.  The lady seemed to know what was up, but the dude was frustrating to deal with. I gave up and let Karma talk to him. Sometimes you can’t reason with old white men when they set their mind to something.


A thru-hiking couple with their tent at sunset.
Sunset Camp Vibes

Neither of us felt like paying $15 to set up our tarp, so we hiked out of the park onto some BLM land and camped early. 

We didn’t want to do the small river section at the tail end of the day in case it took longer than we anticipated.