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DWTH Day 28: Lazy (4th) Cache Morning & A Mine

DWTH Day 28: Lazy (4th) Cache Morning & A Mine


👣 Miles: 12.83

📈 Elevation Gain: 1,578 ft

📉 Elevation Loss: 190 ft

Overall Weather: Cold ➡️ Sunny & Hot

The Lazy Morning

A tent, backpack, and a cache bucket in the desert.
Lazy Cache Morning

If we had gone into the crappy towns near here, we would have done chores, then stayed until check out. 

So, we decided we deserved a lazy morning as we sorted our cache. At each cache, we placed enough water and munchies that we could take a few extra hours of rest if needed. 

Today, we called that in. It was also cold and neither of us wanted to get out of our sleeping quilts, so we sorted from inside the tent. 

Karma started laying everything out while I cooked an extra dinner for breakfast. 

The way we split out food doesn’t mesh with how we pack the cache buckets. Instead, we lay it out beforehand, pack it up, and then at the cache we lay it back out before dividing it. 

We Waited For The Sun

We started to move around a bit more when the sun created the hilltops. It dried the massive dew on one side of our tarp. 

When we crept out, we sipped on some Dr. Pepper Cream Sodas that we cached while we rotated the tarp for the sun to dry the other side. 

What many people don’t understand is that a cache skips a town. When you skip town, you’re also skipping several hours of rest AND those binging calories in restaurants. 🍲 

That’s why it’s crucial to pack a cache meal and extra munchies. Then, if you feel like you need a few extra hours, you have the food and water to take them. 

Across the Valley

This section is our longest carry: we have 6 days of food for 108 miles. That food is heavy. 

Luckily, we had two water sources today. So at least on the heaviest food day, we could take a little less water weight. 🎒 

The desert in southern Arizona has outcroppings of jagged, often volcanic peaks with wide valleys between them. Usually, the valleys have all the roads. 

Most of the day, we walked from the base of one range, across a road, and toward the next range. Gratefully, we had several palo verde trees that were big enough to create good shade. 

Up to the Mine ⚒️

A tent and backpack set up at sunset in Arizona.
Camp Vibes

After the second water source, we started climbing up into the next range on a very rocky old mining road. 

We found a resurgence of our GET nemesis: catclaw.  Of course, we found it while watching a kestrel flying and it got our shins while walking. 

We thought that we might find a flat enough campsite up near an old mine. Often, people seem to use them as hangouts, so we had our fingers crossed.🤞 

It wasn’t what we had in mind for a campsite, but we made it work because the sun was actively setting. We couldn’t easily go on as we had 800 vertical feet of steep cross-country afterward. 🤷🏼‍♀️