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Beet Harvest Day 3 – You need to call the Hotline…

Beet Harvest Day 3 – You need to call the Hotline…

Morning Conditions

🌡️ Temperature: 39 Degrees F

🌥️ Weather: Mostly Cloudy

💨 Wind: 15 – 25 mph

How We Normally Call the Hotline at the Beet Harvest 📞

At training, we received the number to the sugar beet harvest hotline. They instructed us to call it before we go to sleep, when we wake up, and right before we leave the campground.

The hotline has a prerecorded message that asks you to type in the extension to your specific job site. Once you type your extension, it has a recorded message.

First, the message states when it was recorded. This is extremely helpful because if you’ve already called it and the time is the same, you can hang up right there. If the time has changed, you know to continue listening.

Second, you do as the recording says. Basically, you a.) come into work at the time stated, b.) don’t come into work, or c.) call the hotline at a time said in the recording. Fairly simple.

“Don’t Call the Hotline Until 8am” 🤳

When we clocked out in the rain at 3pm yesterday, our instructions explicitly stated, “don’t call the hotline until 8am.”

Since we’re supposed to show up 30 minutes prior to 8am for our shift, we would not get a full 12 hour shift. But, we’d get to sleep in a bit.

We woke up just after 7:30am and called a little early.

The hotline stated, “The yard is currently closed. Please call the hotline again at noon.”

Call the Hotline at Noon 📲

Dutifully, we called the hotline at noon to find a busy signal.

By 12:15, a new message appeared, “the yard will stay closed until tomorrow morning at 8am. Day shift employees should report to work at 7:30am tomorrow, October 7th.”

That means we get the day off AND get “Stay Pay!”

Stay Pay 💸

Woman reading her kindle in bed in a van.
Getting Paid to Read 😂

“Stay Pay” is an incentive to not quit and drive away. The Sugar Beet Harvest will pay us the equivalent of 4 hours on a day when they cancel work.

In a nutshell, they pay us 4 hours to do whatever we want! Woohoo!

We also began getting stay pay on September 29th until the harvest started on October 4th.

Want to see the process of calling the hotline? 🎞️

I’ve been making daily videos about the Sugar Beet Harvest on Instagram and Tiktok!

Sometimes the videos can give a different perspective than blog posts. 🙂

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