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Hi there! I’m Mandy and my trail name is Veggie.  My partner is Karma.  We work seasonal jobs and love the outdoors.  No long-term 9-5s for us!  Together we thru-hike frequently and are currently living in our second van together. We’re all about the outdoors!

We seek ways to live outside as much as possible, hence long-distance hiking and living out of a van.

This slow lifestyle allows us to be our full creative selves.  We’re all about books and podcasts! Sometimes we listen to the same podcast or audiobook; other times, we listen to different ones and recount them to one another. 

Both van life and thru-hiking allow me to write, a passion since I was young.  My journaling has taken many forms over the years from writing down streams of thoughts to bullet journaling and to nature journaling.  It’s always been about writing.

Karma loves creating and modifying his gear set-up, especially for thru-hiking.  He’s got his sewing machine and has created some amazing things for us! 

One of the biggest things we love about our lifestyle is seeing and understanding the natural landscapes we pass through.  I began nature journaling and wildlife photography together. Photography has helped me learn to appreciate birds…a new passion that came unexpectedly.

➡️ Come check out my nature journal, our van conversion, and some of our thru-hiking adventures.  We’ll take you along for a ride that will bring your imagination to life!

⛺️ I am also a Six Moon Designs Ambassador and Affiliate. If you purchase any gear from them through my links, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Here are a few pictures of our previous travels:

Want to see more?

We’re always on the move, but my Instagram gets updated often. You can follow here! I am also dabbling in TikTok if you prefer and you can follow here.

If you’d like to support me, please check out my photography shop…every sale goes into fueling more adventures!

Thank you for visiting my creative space and for learning about us, our passions, and our creative enterprises 😁